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Editorial policy: The Tolstoy Studies Journal is a refereed journal and welcomes contributions on any topic relevant to Tolstoy scholarship. In addition to articles, the Journal publishes review articles, round-table discussions, news and events, notices of work in progress, special reports, book reviews, and creative works. Book reviews will normally be invited, but unsolicited reviews may be considered. In the interest of attracting the widest readership possible, the Journal publishes manuscripts in English, with text in other languages where necessary.


Paper manuscripts for consideration should be sent in triplicate to: 


Michael A. Denner
Russian Studies Program 8361
Stetson University 
DeLand, FL 32723 USA


Fair copies of all manuscripts accepted for publication must be submitted in digital format.


Electronic submission of manuscripts for consideration is welcome: Please send the electronic file via post to the address above on disk, or by electronic mail to: Your submission must be in Word, Rich Text Format, or Acrobat format. Electronic submission will suffice - paper copies are not necessary.


Receipt of the manuscript will be acknowledged, and the author informed as soon as possible whether or not the manuscript has been accepted. The deadline for fair copies of all articles (but not reviews, bibliographies, etc.) is September 15. Articles received after that date may not be published in that year's issue. Contact the editor with deadline issues as soon as possible.


Special issues may have special deadlines which will be announced in advance.


A copy of the Tolstoy Studies Journal stylesheet is available here. Manuscripts submitted for consideration are expected to adhere to the editorial policies.


Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication will be expected to be members in good standing of the Tolstoy Society.

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