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Tolstoy Studies Journal 2017: A Critical Guide to Tolstoy’s On Life. Interpretive Essays (Inessa Med

Tolstoy Studies Journal proudly announces the publication of Vol 29 (2017), an edited volume of interpretive essays devoted to Tolstoy's philosophical work, On Life (О жизни).

It has been sent to all current subscribers. You may purchase a copy here.

Tolstoy's On Life (translated by Medzhibovskaya and Denner) is available here.

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A Critical Guide to Tolstoy’s On Life. Interpretive Essays

This volume of collected essays with contributions on idealism, Kant, spiritualism, theodicy, and the post-human is the first interdisciplinary forum addressed to one individual work of Leo Tolstoy’s philosophy" his tract On Life (1886-87). The editor’s introduction sets up the problematic of Tolstoy’s On Life and comments on its relevance to contemporary intellectual debates on life, death, rationality, suffering, and the meaning of the human. Then leading historians of culture, philosophers, and literary scholars join forces to provide new perspectives on an important philosophical text by the great literary master. (Copyright © 2019 by the Tolstoy Society of North America)


Table of Contents Dedication . 1 Editor’s Acknowledgments . 9 Abbreviations . 11 A Note on the Text and Cover Illustration. 13

1. Inessa Medzhibovskaya (The New School) Introduction: “Tolstoy’s On Life in Critical Perspective”. 15 2. Randall A. Poole (The College of St. Scholastica) “Tolstoy and Russian Idealism” . 27 3. Jeff Love (Clemson University) “The End of On Life: Kant with Tolstoy”. 65 4. James Scanlan (Ohio State University) “Tolstoy’s Implausible Theodicy: The Justification of Suffering in On Life” . 87 5. Michael Gordin (Princeton University), “Tolstoy Sees Foolishness, and Writes: From On Life to Fruits of Enlightenment, and Back Again” . 105 6. Eugene Thacker (The New School), “Notes on an Impersonal Life” . 139

CONTRIBUTORS . . 149 INDEX . 153-62

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