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Table of Contents, Volume XXVIII (2016)

Tolstoy Studies Journal Volume XXVIII

Table of Contents

SPECIAL ISSUE: Subjectivity and Narrative in the Novel: The Case of Anna Karenina

+ Introduction (Irina Paperno) + Silent Scenes of Interpretation: Visual and Verbal Language in Tolstoy’s Narrative (Thomas Dyne)

+ The Peasant Torn Asunder: Self and Society in the Narrative Texture of Anna Karenina (Jennifer Flaherty)

+ The Multiplicity of Narrative: The Hidden Subjectivities of Anna Karenina (Brian Egdorf)

+ Discussion (Victoria Somoff)

RESEARCH ARTICLES + “We Are Not Counterrevolutionaries!”: Soviet Tolstoyans and Their Fate, 1917 –1939 (Elaine MacKinnon)

+ “Nasty, nasty”: Incest, Islamism, and History in Hadji Murat (Jim Holstun)

+ Double Thoughts on the Single Tax: Tolstoy, Henry George, and the Meaning(s) of Progress (Jesse Stavis)

RESEARCH NOTES + Tolstoy, the Chechens’ Fellow Countryman: Tolstoy and Hadji Murat as Mediators in the Russo-Chechen Conflict (Sanne Ongersma) + Tolstoy and Dickens: Why Tolstoy Did Not Join the Literary Fund in 1859 (Yulia Krasnosselskaya)

THE WHOLE WORLD OF TOLSTOY + The Tolstoy Roadshow: The BBCs 2016 War and Peace in Russia (Muireann Maguire) + Tolstoy Scholarship Annotated Bibliography (Joseph Schlegel, Irina Sizova)

REVIEW ARTICLE + "The most gifted of revolutionaries...” (Bob Blaisdell) + Review: Knapp, Liza. Anna Karenina and Others: Tolstoy’s Labyrinth of Plots (Anna Berman)

NEWS OF THE PROFESSION + Conference Report (Tatiana Gershkovich)

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