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Upcoming Issue of TSJ

Please see below the TOC for an upcoming issue of Tolstoy Studies Journal, edited by Ani Kokobobo and Emma Lieber (with Michael Denner as general editor).

Anna Karenina for the 21st Century

Contents v

Acknowledgements vi

Contributors vii

Anna for All the Ages; Or, Why Should We Read Anna Karenina in the Age of Facebook and Twitter? (Kokobobo and Lieber) 1

Anna and Other Adulteresses (Lounsbery) 12

Theatricality and Inner Authenticity in

Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina (Herman) 28

Ekphrasis and Collaboration in Tolstoy’s

Anna Karenina, and Joe Wright’s (Réjouis and Vinokur) 53

Sexual Citizenship and the Legacy of the

Novel of Adultery in a Twenty-First Century

Adaptation of Anna Karenina (Kokobobo) 76

Anna Kardashian —or— The Real Housewife

of St. Petersburg (Lieber) 95

Adaptations of Anna Karenina 119

Index 139

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